at Deichman Main Library



Vernissage 21.11. 13:00-15:00


Arne Garborgs plass 4

0179 Oslo

at Cascina Cuccagna


via Cuccagna 2/4,

ang. via Muratori, Milano

Design Breakfast + Opening 18.4. 9:30-11:00

Design Breakfast 17.4., 19.4. 9:30-11:00

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Professor Toni Kauppila,

Professor Sigurd Strøm,

Assist. professor Karin Knott,

Project management Ingrid Aspen,

Product photography: Assist. professor Bjørn Blikstad

Exhibition Design: Assist. professor Karin Knott

Graphic Design: Martine Scheen

‘You’re not to’, is framed in the spirit of Dano-Norwegian author Aksel Sandemose’s famous novel A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks. The book brings forward a concept called the ‘Law of Jante’, which is considered to be the culmination of Nordic humbleness to favour the collective effort. The ten axioms as life guidelines challenge us as individuals, but also the roles of designer in tomorrow’s contexts. Sandemose’s text from 1933 addresses some of the prevailing conditions in our societies, where the social environments for the tolerance for otherness remain in doubt.

‘You’re not to’ presents recent design works from the Oslo National Academy of Arts (KHiO) by the Interior Architecture and Furniture Design students. The exhibition is structured around the individually crafted 1/1-design prototypes as research specimen investigating our social taboos.