D[anger]ous is a project that intends to raise awareness of a positive side of of a negatively toned emotion. Anger is an empowering force, that together with fear is a powerful human superpower, but because of it’s negative connotations many people supress this emotion and never express it.

The cause for becoming angry is individual and subjective and it originate in other common feelings such as fear, envy, stress or disappointment. Anger is an internal emotion driven by chemicals, such as adrenaline, that lead to aggression, which is the response and outlet of the emotion.

I have used this human quality, and designed a series of devices that uses the idea of provokation from torture, to trigger anger for athletes to use as a form of natural doping. By using the body’s natural ability to produce adrenaline, which as a substance is labelled doping within sports, the athlete can enhance their performance in a natural way.

Would adrenaline produced in your own body still be doping?

This project is balancing on a fine line between allowed and forbidden and operate in the territory of ambiguity, between reality and fiction, where design is used as a tool to raise questions. These questions revolve around pressure and demands on athletes, ethics,values and human rights in a perspective larger than this project. What is torture? If it is self inflicted, is it still torture? How far are you willing to go as an athlete? What is human, if some of the properties of our own nature is not allowed to feel or express?