Fungamentalism is a conceptual study about fungus and non-human centered design. The main focus was to integrate fungus in our society and everyday life without categorizing it into bad or good fungi.

We are surrounded by fungus without us even realizing it. We use fungi in our food, medicines and carry it in our bodies. Without fungi the whole planet would be filled with undigested scrub. It is a complex organism that seems static even though it is extremely dynamic.

When the life on earth started to develop, mushroom continued its’ way longer with animals – us – than plants. It is now known that it is genetically more closely related to animals than to plants.

When we harvest forests or pick up mushrooms we basically destroy the enormous underground network called mycelium.

What is our right to only to benefit from fungi when it gives us so much?

What is our right to drive it away from our bodies or bathroom floors when it helps us in so many other ways? Why do we consider nail fungus unpleasant but still enjoy the delicious blue cheese that is filled with fungal filaments?

We are much more fungus than what we could ever imagine.