Hold me, Please is a project which researches human emotions and emotional attachments to objects. What if not only the living can feel, what if inanimate objects are able to feel empty without you, want you and desire your love? This hugging object is meant to be touched and held close to your body. It mostly desires and misses your naked, warm body and will change colour through heat. It is supposed to look and feel empty when you’re not there, in this way it is creating a fetish to you and sees you as a godlike and important being. After a while you might develop a fetish to it too because it fits so nicely to your body. Just like a human it needs human warmth and comfort and it also gives a humanlike comfort. It will open up to you when you cherish it and keep it close.

People have a certain desire to hug, touch and be touched. It is something very healthy for our bodies. I think people don’t do it enough or are sometimes unable to do it a lot because of not having a partner or not trusting people enough with such a close and intimate interaction. This is why hold me, please was created. It’s something you can come home to and hug after a bad day and make you feel loved and cared for.

It talks about how much people need a physical interaction. Just like people who hug their pillow while sleeping this object can help you through difficult emotional times even if it is not a “real human” or it “can’t” interact with you like a human would. It can still make you feel a connection and feel like there is something that needs you around.

I interpreted Sandemoses laws as if the “you” are objects, and the “we” are humans.In this viewpoint his laws change to humans telling objects not to become as good as them. This object does exactly the opposite. It feels your care -and you will care for it if you spend time with it- and repays that care by opening up to you, In this sense it gains a certain control over you event it is still an inanimate object that isn’t actually able to even

grasp what control means

“You’re not to think anyone cares about you.”

“Objects are not to think people care about them.”