“Appeal” is a project investigating mental health challenges among youths today. Increased focus on mental disorders and diagnostics manifests itself as multi-level challenges, both for the individual and for society as a whole. The aim of the project is to create awareness, comment and question this trend by creating objects based on both qualitative and quantitative research. One of the questions that the project sought to investigate was how the continuous adjustment of what defines mental illness has on our self-perception.

Studies show that large groups of young people are experiencing high pressure from personal expectations to succeed and to fit into societies ideal models, from school to physical appearance. This often results in a mismatch between the youth’s expectations, and what`s actually possible to achieve. At the same time, in well-developed societies, the term “disease” is now being used to diagnose disorders, which only a few years ago was not considered a disease. A problem with an increasing number of diagnoses is that more and more of the human mind is split up in various mental disorders and narrows our perception of what we see as “normal”.

To encourage reflection from the spectator the project uses speculative design proposals to challenge preconceptions and narrow perceptions in today’s society. The DIY-surgery kits are an outcome of questioning how fare we are willing to let the youths go to fulfill these societal requirements and expectations.

The DIY-surgery kits provides the opportunity to conduct home surgeries, making surgery more accessible for everyone!